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Makinika Afrika International is a premier safety, wellness and humanity company whose operations are based on the concept of Preparedness and resilience. We are committed to the provision of specialized safety and wellness awareness, resources and support throughout the region with our services being provided by well-qualified and experienced medical, safety and wellness care specialists

Our Vision

To be a premier safety, wellness and humanitarian company developing a society of informed and empowered individuals in the region and beyond.

Our Mission

Our Mission holds to inform, empower and impact the society through provision of information, equipment and opportunities to impact others

Church Safety

Even us we pray to God for Safety in our church, it’s of great importance to put up measures to curb any incident that may happen inside or around the church. Our program help churches to develop effective Safety and Security procedures and help the participants to be able to develop and conduct

School Safety

The School Safety program is meant for a school safety committee made up of the school management, teachers, students and parents representatives and a maximum of 30 participants. By arranging a First Aid, Fire Safety and personal wellness program, your school will be making an important contribution

Work Place Safety

Makinika Afrika has instructors reaching out to the larger percentage of employees who have not gone through trainings and we help them through safety sensitization sessions. Makinika Afrika is a premier Safety initiative creating safety awareness in all industries with a mission to creating the spirit of resilience and building

Building a culture of safety
and wellness together